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Nitobe Kou
Kanji 新渡戸工
Romaji Nitobe Kou
Age 15-16
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Height 159 cm
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 10 (manga)
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu None (Manga-only character.)

Nitobe Kou is a supporting male character in the Hiyokoi manga series. He does not appear in the anime special. He is Nishiyama Hiyori's classmate and somewhat-distant friend.


Kou's main feature is his height, being very short (159 centimeters) he's often teased by others to get together with Hiyori as they both are very short. He has bistre-colored hair and dark brown eyes.


His personality is similar to Hiyori's which makes her believe they are both in the the same shy league. He dislikes school events such as festivals and trips. He is an indoor type of person. He loves being on internet; he was teased by Hirose Yuushin and the others because of this, saying that he will be friendless. He also gets embarrassed easily. This is shown when he falls down while wearing a maid dress and a female wig during the cultural festival.


Hiyori Nishiyama (西山ひより): When he meets her in their second year, he believes she has a manipulative personality and believed that she was dating Yuushin in order to enhance her cuteness. Later he becomes one of her friends and Ritsuka often claims he has romantic feelings for Hiyori, but is unbeknownst to Hiyori until the end of chapter 37.

Ritsuka Nakano (中野律花): He thinks she's weird and notices that she eats a lot. He often lets himself get dragged into her stalking of Yuushin and Hiyori. She's lied to Yuushin that they were a couple and Hiyori believes that they make a good couple. She likes him romantically but believes that he likes Hiyori, which he confesses to her at the end of chapter 37. There are some hints showing that he might like her back.

Hirose Yuushin (広瀬結心): The relationship between Kou and Yuushin is very distant. While Yuushin is friendly and kind to Kou, Kou always pushes him away. When Hiyori was spending a lot of time with Kou for an upcoming school festival, Yuushin became jealous of the two, and began acting distant towards Kou, too. At the end of chapter 37, Kou confesses to Hiyori that he likes her and the manga ends with a cliffhanger.


  • Nitobe as a maid.
  • Kou depressed
  • Kou smiling