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Mitani Miyoko
Kanji 見たにみよこ
Romaji Mitani Miyoko
Age 28
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1 (anime)
Chapter 1 (manga)
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi

Mitani "Mi-tan" Miyoko is a supporting female character in the Hiyokoi anime special and manga series. She is Nishiyama Hiyori's first and second year homeroom teacher. Mi-tan is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi


In the past, Miyoko had many boyfriends, but often scared them away because of her unintentionally stalker-like habits. For example, in one of Mi-tan's after school diary, she states that when she confessed to a guy she liked, they began to go out. When he asks her what she likes about him, she gives strange answers, like "the way you chew your food twenty times before swallowing". He becomes creeped out, of course, and doesn't talk to her again.


Mi-tan has short brown hair and brown eyes. One of the people Mi-tan dated stated that she's very pretty, but when she's drunk she becomes "annoying". Mi-tan drinks under the belief that it makes her able to engage in conversation, when in truth it doesn't.


Mi-tan is kind and very lax, so lax that her class calls her "Mi-tan" rather than "Mitani-sensei," "sensei" meaning teacher. However, being 28, Mi-tan often complains about not having a boyfriend, to which the class pokes fun at. The main reason why she doesn't have a boyfriend is because "Mi-tan's personal mistakes cause relationship problems," according to Hirose Yuushin, her first and second year student.


Students: With almost all of her students, Mi-tan has a casual and lax relationship with them, allowing them to call her "Mi-tan" rather than "Mitani-sensei" ("sensei" meaning "teacher").