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Matsushima Reina
Reina (manga)
Kanji 西山ひより
Romaji Matsushima Reina
Age 16-17
Gender Female
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 10 (manga)
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu None (Manga-only character.)

Matsushima Reina is a supporting female character in the Hiyokoi manga series. She does not appear in the anime special. She is Nishiyama Hiyori's second year classmate and friend, but is also a rival for Hirose Yuushin's affections.


She has light brown wavy hair that is usually tied up and brown eyes. She is usually seen with a smile on her face. A rare time where she's serious is when she and Hiyori were at Yuushin's house and talking to about how Hiyori reminded Reina of herself when she was younger.


She is a happy-go-lucky girl, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She sits beside Yuushin in class, and has confessed to him. It is revealed that she wasn't always so outspoken and was very shy in her first year of high school, so she moved abroad to study.


Hirose Yuushin (広瀬結心): Yuushin is Reina's second year classmate and she sits next to him in class. Reina has confessed to Yuushin many times, but is always rejected. She is not shy to invite him to go somewhere and usually sticks to him, although it slightly decreases over time. It is revealed she has a boyfriend from America, which shocks everyone as she had always said she likes Yuushin. She tells Yuushin that she loves her boyfriend and him the same amount.

Nishiyama Hiyori (西山ひより): Reina considers Hiyori her rival and comrade, because they were both 'rejected' by Yuushin, though at that time Hiyori hadn't properly confessed to Yuushin. After getting annoyed by Hiyori's shyness, Reina tells Hiyori that she reminds her of the 'past her' because Reina used to be shy. She dresses Hiyori up for the fireworks display and is happy that Yuushin and Hiyori are going out later on in the manga.