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Step Four
Chapter 4
Hiyokoi 44
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Volume 1
Airdate Jan 12, 2011
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Step four is chapter 4 in the Hiyokoi manga series.

Summary Edit

Its a new year and a new semester/term. Hiyorin is looking foward with being with yuushin. He suddenly jumps in through the window and a teacher catches him. Yuushin ended up taking hiyorin with him to run away from the teacher. Yuushin takes a stray cat from under his shirt. His classmates say that this is the fourth cat he had taken in. They end up being late for the opening ceremony. A rumor was going around school that Yuushin wasnt dating anyone even he was. And a girl tried to confess to him. Later, it was raining and Hiyorin decided to take the cat home wiher and she was Yuushin under an umbrella with another girl.

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